Publishing Service

We have top of the line linguistic professionals who can help you at any stage of the publication process. Beginning with your manuscript in Spanish, we can assist you in revising, proofreading, designing, and laying out the total production. We offer complete page composition, including black and white or full color high resolution. Image editing, photo retouching, and any other image manipulation is done in-house with powerful workstations in PC and Mac platforms. We can design and typeset an entire job, or just set a few last minute corrections. With a variety of software such as QuarkXPress, InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and other publishing software, we can provide you with effective and professional publications. Our turnaround time cannot be beat. For bilingual publications, we can create an identical reproduction in Spanish of your original in English, including font size, layout, and graphics. Our goal is clear: your publication in Spanish should meet the same quality standards as its English counterpart. Give us a call.

Our turnaround time cannot be beat